Brand Digital Marketing Strategy

At Pear Melon, we know that having a strong digital marketing strategy is a core fundamental to execute a successful campaign. With experience across multiple sectors, we can symbiotically create a brand orientated digital strategy to reach businesses goals and target results.

digital marketing strategy

So how do we identify data driven opportunities, and then convert them into digital marketing results?

Data insight

At Pear Melon, we’re data driven. We will formulate your strategy around concrete digital marketing insights and opportunities.

Creative thinking

From developing content marketing campaigns to targeting high intent market opportunities, we take a creative approach to developing and executing brand focused digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing

  • Working with Pear Melon, we will look into your current positioning within your industry. With an understanding of your business and market position, we will then formulate a creative and data driven strategy to promote business growth.

  • When executing a bespoke digital marketing strategy, we analyse and record data before, during, and after execution. From Google Data Studio reports to keyword tracking, we make sure our digital strategy efforts can be backed by data.

  • With all the digital marketing channels and services available, we know choosing the right services can be daunting. That’s why we look to understand your business against your unique position in your market, to be able to recommend the best digital marketing services for your needs.

digital strategy consulting


Take a look at the different areas of expertise we offer to formulate your results driven campaign.

Digital Strategy

Hone your digital marketing strategy with actionable timelines & tangible results, all informed by real time market data


Develop your organic search presence and grow your online customer base. SEO is an amazing marketing tactic that can ensure results for the longterm.

Content Marketing

How do you market something online without content? You cant. Incorporate content marketing into your strategy to elevate multiple marketing channels.

Digital PR

Take your brand’s online presence to the next level. The ultimate blend of SEO & Content Marketing requires Digital PR to elevate the performance of the services

Technical SEO

Before improving your website’s on-page and off-page offerings, it’s an SEO fundamental to make your website as technically robust as possible

Video Production & Marketing

Video is an amazing way to express your brand and capture your online audience. From short form videos to documentary style pieces, we can produce unique video content that will help you stand out

Commercial Photography

From product imagery to candid lifestyle shoots, it’s important to compliment your brands visual perception with powerful brand imagery

E-commerce SEO

With the growth of online shopping, the market has become more saturated. E-commerce SEO can help you rank for high intent search terms that can increase your customer base and conversion rate.

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